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Faith in Conflict Workshop

A Day Workshop

Harnessing the Power of Conflict in the Church


  1. To provide participants with a basic understanding of negotiation, mediation and arbitration
  2. To encourage participants to reflect on controversy in the local church
  3. To explore:
    • the roots of controversy, including emotional investments, theological positions, and the effects of change
    • the creative value of controversy
    • strategies to achieve a positive outcomes. 


By the end of the workshop participants will:

  1. Know what conflict is and how it affects people and organisations
  2. Understand how they and others might think, feel and behave in conflict
  3. Have engaged in discussion and reflection on what the Bible has to say about conflict and ways of handling it
  4. Know their own preferred style(s) of managing conflict
  5. Understand more about the impact of their preferred style on others
  6. Have learnt some key skills for communicating effectively in conflict situations
  7. Know where mediation might be appropriate and where to go for help

The training will use games, large and small group discussions, presentation and role play.


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