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ENLUMEN has been set up by David Williams to bring new insights to the challenges faced by the Church today. Activities offered include vision workshops, evaluation projects, the use of stories to increase the effectiveness of fundraising, and the training of priests and lay people in conflict transformation processes.

David worked in Engineering and Marketing roles with GEC and Marconi but in 2005 redundancy set him off on a new path. In 2006 he was offered a one-year contract by the Sub Dean at Coventry Cathedral, Justin Welby (now the Archbishop of Canterbury) to develop reconciliation work in Coventry. This role then developed into him becoming Programme Coordinator – Mediation and Community.

David Williams

He has developed a particular interest in how people make sense of the situations they are in (often ignoring 90% of the available information) and how working with the everyday stories (narratives) told in communities can help groups see new opportunities and move forwards.

David is a CEDR Accredited Mediator, has trained in mediation alongside West Midlands Police Officers, and convenes the Coventry Panel of senior mediators that can be called upon for high-level conflicts within the Church. He chaired the Coventry Community Forum for three years, was a member of the local Police’s Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel and was Programme Co-ordinator for the recent Faith in Conflict conference at Coventry Cathedral.

David can be contacted on 0121 364 3658 (ENLU) or

David holds a B.Eng. degree from Bristol University, an MBA from Warwick Business School, and is a Tertiary in the Society of St Francis.

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